A downloadable console for Windows

I made this in a week in 2017, it is slow and barely functional. If you're going to try to use this, make sure you read the manual closely, since the UI can be a bit obtuse.

In the mid 90s the market was flooded with cheap GameBoy clones. One of them was the Puarsliburf Games Puarslitron, a simple device with a 72x64 1-bit screen, a d-pad and one button. What made it stand out, however, was that it came with a keyboard, allowing anyone to make games for it. Too bad the built-in programming language was stupid and the editor unresponsive dooming the Puarslitron to obscurity.

This was my first ever attempt at making this kind of thing and I'm pretty proud of it, it's not perfect and and pretty slow, though.

Also I forgot to mention in the documentation that you can exit to the menu at any time by pressing escape

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Authorpuarsliburf games
Tags1-bit, esoteric, fantasy-console


puarslitron v1.1 2.5 MB
puarslitron v1.0 (Old) 2.4 MB

Development log


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The Fantasy Consoles Discord server is back!

As of now, we have dedicated channels for:
(33) Fantasy Consoles
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Puarslitron is of course included.


1.1 doesn't work at all, had to download 1.0

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In what way does it not work? Does it crash upon startup? If so, does it give an error message?

I doubt I'd be able to fix it since I've lost the source code, but there might be a workaround.

files don't load or save

Are you trying to save to the same directory that the Puarslitron itself is stored in?

If you are, then that doesn't work due to a quirk with how it does file handling.

I wasn't, I made a separate folder outside of the puaslitron's directory for my files. Again, 1.0 worked, but 1.1 didn't

That's really weird because if I remember correctly pretty much nothing is actually different between the two.

According to the devlog I wrote the only thing I changed was the documentation. So if 1.0 works for you then I'd suggest sticking to that.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but as I've said, this was pretty long ago.

How did you make 1.0 save and load? I tried and gave me the same error as 1.1

I don't know, I didn't even get an error with either, just that 1.1 wouldn't actually save or load

so the thing crashes after hitting load, also load button tries to save instead and saving doesn't save anything :

Yes, it crashes if you don't load anything. The load button doesn't actually save anything, but for whatever reason I needed to be able to write to the files after I loaded them so it opens a save dialogue.

There are many ways this thing behaves weirdly if you don't do things precisely the way you're supposed to, I'd recommend looking through the manual to see if you might be getting the saving procedure wrong.

There are many issues with this thing that I've figured out how to fix in the years since I made it, but like I've said in other comments, I've lost the source code to it.

Well, how did you lose the source code?

My theory is that your hard drive where you stored the source code died or that you hosted the source code in a server of a file hosting website that has shut down (For example the old mega.nz, which I don't remember the name).

Have you thought of maybe redoing the whole thing? (Of course not, i'm just hoping against hope)

The Puarslitron is horribly flawed in its design, so I'd never remake it so to speak, but I do want to make another FC at some point.


And I suggest you to open a community for this... I'm really interested xD


Hey, is there any luck to get a linux build? I really want to test it. Thanks ;)


Sadly, not at the moment. Getting it to run on linux would require a total rewrite of the file system. However it might run on WINE with some luck.