In this game you take control of a blue ball with the magical ability to jump in mid-air and guide it through a series of levels.

The game controls with the arrow keys (web version has slightly shorter jumps because gamemaker is weird)

Not actually my first game but the first game I made that wasn't just me trying to understand GameMaker 8.1.

The remake is really short cuz' I was away for most of the jam. Sadly this also compromises the quality slightly.


Gravityball 14 MB
Gravityball (2012 Original) !SEIZURE WARNING!.exe 5 MB
Gravityball (2012 Original with slight updates) !SEIZURE WARNING!.zip 3 MB


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Nice game ! Good idea !

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Okay it's pretty clever and fun but also makes me want to throw my laptop. I love it. And hate it. and ARGH.