The 4 Bits Of DOOM! (cue dramatic thunder) is an esoteric Fantasy Console designed as a secondary entry to the #FCDEV_jam 

It features a whopping 0.384 kilobytes of program memory, 0.008 kilobytes of RAM and 0.032 kilobytes of VRAM. This thing is intentionally designed to be as asinine as humanly possible, even going so far that the only way to do subtraction is by integer overflow. This thing is a challenge to program, and that's the whole point.

Code loops automatically so making an infinite loop in-code will freeze the console.

HTML5 version is green to avoid it blending in with the background. It also requires you to scroll with the arrow keys in the editor.

The design seen on the icon is based on the Milton Bradley Microvision as I really like the idea of the cartridge taking up the entire front of the unit.

If you find any bugs please tell me.

Install instructions

Just unzip the ZIP and run the EXE. Don't put save tata in the same directory as the system itself, as this confuses the loading system


4BOD 1.0.0 2 MB
4BOD documentation (Forgot to put this in the ZIP) 2 kB


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Nice! I started to use this for learning the lowest level of code (even made a tiny but pitiful compiler, perhaps I'll add additional functionality like ADD and SUB), but it seems that occasionally the code will never loop or freeze up if I try to create an infinite loop. I know it's been about 2 years, but you still asked to mention about bugs.

Hello! The reason the program seizes up if you try to make an infinite loop is that it tries to run through the entire code on a single frame. It runs the code every frame so technically everything in 4BOD is an infinite loop and it's more difficult to make something run only once. I know this isn't exactly the best way to do this but hindsight's 20/20  and like you said, it's been 2 years.

If this doesn't help and you're sure you've found an issue with the program itself then I'm afraid I can't really help since I've managed to lose the source code for this thing. The only thing I can do to help in that case is recommend you to use the Windows build instead of the online version since it's more stable.

Hope this explains your problem.