A downloadable game for Windows

An RTS where you mine on Mars while tanks break all your stuff

Made for the Kenney Jam 2017 with the theme "It's a feature, not a bug"

WASD pans the camera
left clicking builds turrets (they cost 150 gold and 10 emerald)
middle clicking builds mines. Can only be placed on ores, but give you a steady supply of the ore you place it on. (costs 100 gold and 5 emerald)

Debug stuff left in the game
right clicking spawns a low level enemy
O and P give you free stuff

The bug is an actual bug I encountered while making the game where enemies would delete everything the stood on due to me trying to store everything on the same grid.

This game isn't finished and never will be. I accidentally kicked the power cord for my computer loose and lost about 80% of the game's UI and II didn't think recreating it all from scratch would be worth it so I just kinda gave up. The gameplay is mostly finished, though so it's fully playable. There's just no real UI and the building controls were meant to be placeholders.

Music made with Jukedeck

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KenneyJam-Default- 16 MB